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   The Heat are all soldiers. They broke out in the final quarter and defeated the Celtics again and successfully advanced to the final. The Heat and the Lakers finals will not only be a contest between the team and the stars, but also a reunion between James and a team and a player.


   A big outbreak at the end! Heat eliminated the Celtics 4-2!


  The sixth game of the Heat and Celtics series begins. For the Heat, although they still maintain a 3-2 lead,


   So, to some extent, for the Heat, this game is also a life and death battle.


   After the first quarter of the game began, the Heat seized the opportunity of the Celtics to feel bad and took the lead in opening the situation. However, the Celtics' ability to adjust is also good enough. Since then, with Brown and Smart jointly hit 3 three-pointers, once overtaken the score.




   In the second quarter of the game, the Celtics' strike team once set off a counterattack climax, but Adebayor also turned upside down in the Greens' inside to help the Heat stabilize the situation.


   At the end of halftime, the Heat still maintained the lead. After halftime, the Heat led the Celtics 62-60.


   Fighting again in the second half, Iguodala continued to explode. At the crucial moment when the Celtics were chasing points, he hit 2 three-pointers to extinguish the opponent's counterattacking arrogance and help the team establish an 8-point lead.


   After that, the two sides fell into a state of anxiety, and the Green Army gradually narrowed the point difference. At the end of the third quarter, the difference between the two teams was still 2 points. In the final battle, the Green Army had a perfect start. They relied on a 10-2 offensive climax to overtake the score.



In the end, with Adebayor hitting the final 2 points of the Heat’s Eastern Conference finals with a cool back button, the series came to an end. The Heat defeated the Celtics 125-113 to win the game and scored 4-2. The score advances to the finals.


   As for the Celtics, Brown played well enough in this game. He hit 10 goals in 17 shots, scored 26 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals;




   In addition to the striker double star, Walker and Smart also scored 20 points each, but the outside efficiency was not high. In the end, the Celtics who scored 20+ with 4 players could still only swallow the bitter pill.


In terms of the Heat, Adebayor continued to kill the opponents inside the game. Neither Tas nor Kanter could stop him. Adebayor made 11 goals in 15 shots and scored 32 points and 14 efficiently. 5 assists with rebounds;

在热火方面,阿德巴约继续在比赛中杀死对手。塔斯和坎特都无法阻止他。阿德巴约15次射入11球,有效亚博全站网页登录版得分32分和14。 5个篮板助攻;

   Butler also played very resolutely. He hit 8 goals in 19 shots and scored 22 points and 8 assists.



   Shiro also continued to shine on the outside, scoring 19 points, 5 rebounds and 7 assists.


   In addition, the Heat also scored in double figures with Duncan Robinson and Dragic, and Claude also scored 9 points. In the end, the full-blown Heat ushered in the fourth victory of the Eastern Conference Finals and the final with the Lakers.


  The Heat and the Lakers: a duel between the system and the stars


   With the end of the East and West finals, the Heat and the Lakers became the final two teams in the finals.


  The Lakers are based on the star as the core, with a way of building a team with role players. In key games, they often rely more on the explosion of one or two stars;


As for the Heat, it is a team basketball with a strict system for everyone. Although they also have their own core players, they often rely more on the team’s performance to win the game. Different players will stand up for the team in each game. Out.


  As for the Lakers, they first have James, the most experienced NBA player in the Finals. He has participated in the NBA Finals more often than in the history of the Heat.




Behind James, the Lakers still have Davis, who is almost the best inside player in active service. In this year's playoffs, he has fully proved his value in this team. He is the Lakers who can score. The biggest contributor to the finals.



   As for the Heat, they have a very top team. On the offensive end, they have Dragic who can connect the team, Adebayor, an All-Star insider, and a group of outrageous shooters on the front line.




   Of course, the world is not black and white. While the Lakers have outstanding stars,


  The story of James and the Heat


   In the summer of 10 years, James once again experienced failure and determined to make a change. After learning that Wade and Bosh will join Miami,


  In the 4 seasons of the Heat,


   In the 12-year playoffs, the Heat went all the way to the finals, and easily defeated the Thunder in the finals.


   In that season, James won his first championship in the Heat and his third MVP.


   After the 12-13 season, James and the Heat played a terrifying 27-game winning streak in the regular season, and contributed to the epic finals with the Spurs in the finals.


   So, although James has only four seasons in Miami, the journey through these four seasons is enough for many teams and players to pursue in ten or even twenty or thirty years.



   In the 20-year finals, James and the Heat once again appeared together in the finals, but this time they became opponents.


  The story of James and Iguodala


   Counting this season, James and Iguodala have played the most in the playoffs and finals. Others such as Curry, Durant, Paul George, etc. are not as good as Iguodala.




   In this series of matches, both sides have their own winners and losers, although the status of the two in the league and the historical status of the NBA are far apart,




   And James and Iguodala are also small forwards, and they have to face each other in the game.


   After so many encounters, both sides have also won many honors from each other:


   Iguodala won the 2015 FMVP, three championships; James won the 2016 FMVP, one championship.


   James won twice in the match, Iguodala won four times,


Once, James defeated Iguodala as a Heat player. Now, Iguodala has met James as a Heat player. It can be said that "where does life not meet", then this time, who is the encounter? Will the last laugh? Let us wait and see.


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